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This blog is NSFW, intended only for users 18+. I am a 20-year-old female. White, brunette, and I identify as bisexual although I have never been with a woman.
I am in a relationship with a WONDERFUL man, and this blog is really intended to make our relationship better.
I dare say he might be the best, most supportive man that I've ever known, so I'm really not interested in accepting any applications. I also don't have a kik or a snapchat, nor am I interested in skyping. Sorry! All images on this blog are assumed to be public domain, and none of them are my content unless explicitly stated.
If you want me to take something down because it's your content, just shoot me a message and I will. Feel free to ask me questions about myself, my relationship, or general advice questions. I answer all questions publicly unless you state that you want it to be private, in which case I will happily oblige. Happy exploring, my lovelies!! <3